Ahhh…camp. That special place in every kid’s life where they can immerse themselves in something joyful, find (potentially) lifelong friends, and make memories guaranteed to last a life time.

Camp is a special place, which is why we are naming our Youth Conservatory Summer Camps as the 8th milestone that shaped FOGG in 2015.

Didn’t know FOGG had youth oriented summer camps? Surprise! We do, and ours ROCK.

Not only do our camps introduce the world of performing arts to youngsters ages 3-11, they also provide exposure to dance, yoga, improv, vocal techniques, and stage presence, all while teaching young people how to relax and have fun in front of an audience. #LifeSkills

But don’t take our word for it. We asked two parents (and their amazing young performers) about their specific experience with FOGG camps.

Hear why Morgan Humes (mother of Orly and Calvin Cook) and Afiyah Chambers (mother of Leilah Eaglin) chose to involve their children with FOGG Theatre camps and how their involvement has a difference in their lives.

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