At FOGG, we value our community deeply. Alongside that foundational pillar you’ll also find our unbridled love of stories because stories are the connective threads that create, bind, and sustain every community.

With the end of 2017 well within sight, we thought it apropos to announce two new team members and our organization’s theme for 2018: Commitment to Community.

This year we vow to inspire fellow Bay Area neighbors to engage with, and participate in musical theater like never before. To help us accomplish this mission, we’ve got two new inspiring individuals on the FOGG team.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our new Executive Director, Clay David and our new Development Director., Melody Hernandez.

Below is a brief introduction to these extraordinary new FOGGsters. We hope that by learning about them and their personal Bay Area stories, you’ll feel inspired to join us in our commitment to cement and expand our community’s impact in the coming year.


FOGG's newest staff, Melody Hernandez (Development Director) & Clay David (Executive Director)

FOGG’s newest staff, Melody Hernandez (Development Director) & Clay David (Executive Director)

About Clay

Clay David’s three-decade professional theatre arts career has been driven by collaboration and connection. In all his arts efforts, Clay has aimed to deepen peoples’ capacity for reasoned inquiry, cultural awareness, and life-long learning through the art and ritual of performance.

We know that Clay’s passionate dedication to art that embraces all groups, backgrounds, ages and communities will elevate FOGG to new heights. Like Clay, we are always exploring thought-provoking ways to reflect, explore, and celebrate the wondrous diversity of the Bay Area and now, we get to go on that journey together.

Be sure to read more about Clay and his many accolades and accomplishments here. He is an impressive human and we feel incredibly lucky to have him at the helm of FOGG.

About Melody

Melody is a talented grant consultant who helps small to mid-sized organizations become financially secure. Her expertise in non-profit fundraising, education, and grant writing will be instrumental in helping grow and expand FOGG Theatre and we couldn’t be more grateful that she’s sharing her gifts with us.

We fell in love with Melody’s personal conviction to leave the world a better place than she found it and her passion for providing young people access to performing arts is just one of the many reasons why we are so thrilled to have her on board.

You can learn more about Melody and her extensive work in education here.

From The Cranium of Clay

After 20 years in the Bay Area, I call this my home. Home is a place where I can authentically be myself, 100%. The Bay Area is where many people, from many backgrounds, weave a beautiful tapestry that is our own unique fabric. The fabric is what we call community.

We are all works of evolving art. After working in theatre on both coasts, I have found that in the Bay there is an openness, a nurturing of souls that transcends all other theatre communities. We have over 360 theatres in our area and each one speaks to the vibrant and eclectic voices that comprise our community.

My brother was a Special Olympic champion. He taught me how to see beauty in all people. I feel his spirit finds a home here. It resonates with the Bay Area. When I see a child laugh, a butterfly, a senior in a party hat smiling—the strong current and spirit of unconditional love and the unbridled joy that surrounds them—that is the energy of the Bay Area.

From The Mind of Melody

My family and I relocated to, and fell in love with, San Francisco in 2012. We moved here from Minnesota and are blessed to have found a community that mirrors the “small town” feel of our Northern Minnesota roots, yet has the many opportunities that a big city provides.

One of the things that inspires me about the Bay Area is the people. I have been fortunate to meet a diverse range of people, each of whom have a unique view and have helped me learn and grow. In addition, the Bay Area community as a whole is focused on creating a better world and the people here bring a sense of empathy and understanding to the many complex and derisive issues that are currently in the spotlight.

I have lived in North Beach with my three boys (Basil 15, Xaviar 13, Nigel 10) for the last five and half years. My son Basil has been an intern for FOGG Playhouse’s summer camps and is currently a Sophomore at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts (SOTA) in their theatre program.

We love San Francisco and we love FOGG Theatre specifically because we deeply believe in the power of original art. I am thrilled to come aboard as FOGG’s Development Director and I look forward helping them continue to offer quality and community focused programming.

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