FOGG Theatre has lived in my heart from its very beginnings, and I have been consistently impressed with the people and the quality of work that comes out of those minds. I was lucky to meet Aimee Miles, one of the founders and Education Director, through one of her family members. I knew Aimee was a trained actress and singer, but had no idea what she was up to professionally at the time. One day, out of the blue I mentioned how much I loved theatre and how much I admired people who had the talent to perform. She then told me about FOGG. She told me about their mission and philosophy, about their projects and dreams. Then she asked me if I would like to meet some of the folks and attend some of the events. I nearly fell of my chair in excitement! I said: “are you kidding me? I will do anything to be around creative minds and art, especially performing art.” In fact, I believe my actual words were “I will carry stuff around, sweep the stage…anything to be around theater. ”From then on I was at every event I could possibly attend, and became a member of the founders’ circle. I was just unbelievably excited. How did I end up here with these remarkably talented, professional artists? Well, somehow I had lucked out!

Truth be told, when you talk/think about a newly born theater company, one tends to think “experimental, make-shift operation with “do with what you can get” type mentality. Well, not FOGG! This is a group of truly trained and capable professionals who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to the Art of Musical Theater. The artistic direction and the entire team behind their productions blew my socks off! I brought others to witness their talent and professionalism, and they consistently impressed me, and everyone I brought to see them. As if it were not enough to give us 1st class art, by focusing on Bay Area stories, and employing Bay Area artists, FOGG invests its talent and resources to introduce and educate children through its most successful children’s conservatory. Talk about being proud! I AM!

Fast forward a year or a year and a half from my initial exposure to FOGG, and I was being invited to join the Board of Directors. Having met and known the founders and a few other board members, my decision was an easy one. I proudly joined FOGG in October 2015. I can only hope I can live up to the expectations they have of me and the trust deposited in me with this invitation to join their board. I continue to do my very best to contribute with whatever skills I might have to help propel FOGG to heights and recognition worthy of its efforts and its people.

Marc Pinto
FOGG Board of Directors

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