Mission and Vision

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FOGG Theatre Company engages, entertains, and enlivens the San Francisco Bay Area community with musical productions that examine and celebrate our history, our communities, our heroes, our concerns, and our ideologies.  We commission, develop, and produce locally relevant stories created for the San Francisco Bay Area.  We also provide Bay Area focused performing arts education.


FOGG stands for "Focus On Golden Gate".   We are a collaborative venture building a locally based, self-reliant theatre system—one in which the creation of work, the production of work, and the consumption of work enhances the economic, environmental and social health of the San Francisco Bay Area. By telling locally relevant stories, and by using Bay Area artists, we are creating a theatre system that gives our audience a personalized, consequential and vital entertainment alternative. Telling Bay Area stories is important.  Stories are how we process our past, how we examine our present, and how we imagine our future.  They're how we grieve our losses, and how we celebrate our triumphs.  Our stories matter.