In 2014, FOGG produced our first What’s Your Story, Bay Area? concert. This unique event pairs Bay Area residents with Bay Area songwriters to tell the residents’ stories through song. What’s Your Story, Bay Area? was one of the most successful events FOGG has ever produced, and revealed itself to be an important element in our commitment to community.

What's Your Story Bay Area 2015

The first year, we partnered with Dijon Bowden and his photoblog Souls of San Francisco (now called Souls of Society) as the source material for our writing teams. What's Your Story Bay AreaThis symbiotic collaboration resulted in sold out performances and gave us the opportunity to employ fourteen Bay Area songwriters. The songs presented during the concert covered everything from gentrification in the city and growing older in the Bay Area, to living with HIV.

This year, and from now on, we will partner with a beneficiary organization as the source for the songs presented during this unique concert. FOGG will choose an organization facilitating social good in the Bay Area community and have songwriters telling the stories of Bay Area people affiliated with that organization.

This year, we are proud to be announce we will be working with MUTTVILLE Senior Dog Rescue!

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue logoMuttville is an organization that intervenes on behalf of senior and special needs dogs, saving them from euthanasia. They find suitable homes for dogs that are adoptable and offer end of life care for those that are not.

Muttville was founded ten years ago by longtime animal rights activist and rescue worker, Sherri Franklin. Muttville has been recognized for its groundbreaking approach to animal rescue. Their cage-free facility,  focus on foster care, on-site veterinary suite, and hospice program are innovations that have been lauded and emulated around the country.

This year’s What’s Your Story, Bay Area? concert series aims to shine a spotlight on unique  organizations like Muttville; organizations that embody the values of the Bay Area and are committed to enhancing our community. Muttville is the perfect first choice!

The What’s Your Story, Bay Area? concert will be held this coming Spring.  As you make your year-end donations, please consider donating to FOGG Theatre so that we can continue to feature praiseworthy Bay Area organizations like Muttville annually with the What’s Your Story, Bay Area? concert.


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