For the third year in a row, prolific local visual artist Nora Vandenberg is designing the set for our Youth Conservatory production and we couldn’t be more excited.

Nora got involved with FOGG in 2015 when she designed the sets for The Journey of the Noble Gnarble. The underwater seascape she created for Gnarble blew audiences away. We asked her back for our production of We Are Monsters last year, and Nora will once again be dazzling us with her sets for Flocked Together, this time evoking our own beloved backyard, Telegraph Hill.


Nora’s initial concept art for Flocked Together upon which the set design is based.


What your house looks like when you’re designing a set!











Nora not only creates her beautiful sets for children, but with them as well. The entire cast of the show participated in painting the Flocked Together set. “I’m creating Telegraph Hill in the background, incorporating the kids’ panels they painted,” says Nora describing her design. “The far background will be a cityscape with the Bay Bridge on the right and then an abstract, colorful garden in the front portion of the background. There is a cyprus tree center stage that stands a full 8-10 feet tall, with magical branches. The steps and stage blocks from our previous productions [thank you, Lola’s dad, Eric!] will be painted anew and used to create multi-levels.”

Here are some videos of the kids painting the panels:


Nora’s mixed media art, painting, photography, and video has been seen in exhibitions all over the world. Be sure to check out Nora’s Instagram to see some of her amazing art.


Nora with the Flocked Together kids!

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