What makes musical theatre so amazing? Everything! When I’m at the theatre, I’m not just seeing a story being told. I’m hearing it too, in lyrics and music, and watching it unfold in dance. A great musical transports me to another time and place, makes me think, and makes me feel like no other art form can. And lately, I can use a few hours away from reality now and then.

What’s even more moving is creating original musical theatre. That’s what FOGG Theatre does. And they’re our stories, Bay Area stories. We work with world-class creators to write and present original musicals featuring Bay Area-relevant stories, performed by incredibly talented Bay Area artists. Our first musical, The Cable Car Nymphomaniac, was lauded and applauded last year during two separate runs. This year we presented a staged reading of Bottle Shock, the Musical, another terrific new show. And our Youth Conservatory continues to give San Francisco kids their first taste of the musical theatre stage, with a new youth musical by Tony Asaro coming in 2017.

You and I can help FOGG create original, local musical theatre, whether or not we can write a song or dance at all. Now is the perfect time for you to support FOGG with your gift.

I love living in the Bay Area, and I hope you’ll join me in rooting for the home team by making a tax-deductible donation to FOGG Theatre today. And while you’re at it, I hope you’ll also make a gift to a local service organization that helps people who are especially vulnerable, such as GLIDE or Community Housing Partnership.

Thanks! I wish you a peaceful and happy holiday season.

Scott Knaster
FOGG Theatre Board Member

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