Big news! We just announced our first annual What’s Your Story, Bay Area? benefit concert, coming up next month. We asked FOGG Theatre Co-Founder and Artistic Director Tony Asaro to fill us in on what the concert is all about.

Q: How does the What’s Your Story, Bay Area? concert fit in with the artistic mission of FOGG Theatre?

Tony: FOGG’s mission is to commission, develop, and produce new musical theatre: Bay Area artists telling Bay Area stories. One angle of this mission is to create full-length musicals. The Bay Area is home to millions of residents, each with their own Bay Area story. What’s Your Story, Bay Area?  pairs local songwriters with current Bay Area residents to tell their stories through song.


Q: How were the Bay Area residents chosen to have their stories told?

Tony: We are partnering with Souls of San Francisco, Dijon Bowden’s street photography and storytelling project. Dijon’s work features photos and stories of Bay Area residents. Our songwriters are selecting compelling photos and interviews from Souls of San Francisco as the source material for their songs.


Q: Can you tell us about some of the featured artists for the concerts?

Tony: We have a very exciting lineup of songwriters who range from New York trained musical theater writers, to SF conservatory graduates, to local rock legends. Here are some of our writers:

Tommy Shepherd and Kaitlin McGaw are the team behind Alphabet Rockers, “the premiere Bay Area hip-hop collective for families”. Cynthia Lin, Miranda Ferris Jones, and Brooke Michael Smith are all SF based singer-songwriters. Aaron Pike is a graduate of the SF Conservatory of Music who has written orchestral work, film scores, and choral music.  Abel Sanchez has been the front man for Abel and the Prophets, a rock/soul band that has been a favorite of San Francisco hot spots since the mid-60s.  Denver Casado founded Beat By Beat Press, a publisher of original musicals for children.

Also, we are very lucky to be including a song from acclaimed SF indie rocker Chuck Prophet and his writing partner Kurt Lipschutz!


Q: So FOGG isn’t only about traditional musical theatre productions? Are there other kinds of performances you can imagine FOGG producing?

Tony: The label “Musical Theatre” can mean many different things—the traditional full-length musical is just one permutation. Musical theatre can also be movement-based devised pieces. It can be immersive work. It can be concerts like What’s Your Story, Bay Area?. It could be media based, and interactive. We are actively exploring all of these options.

We hope to see you in November at our  What’s Your Story, Bay Area? concert!


Click here to purchase tickets!

FOGG Theatre is pleased to announce our “What’s Your Story, Bay Area?” Benefit Concert. This evening of original stories and songs based on the lives of local Bay Area residents will be held Monday, November 17th and Tuesday, November 18th at 7:30pm at a.Muse Gallery, 614 Alabama Street, San Francisco. Tickets are available now. Stay tuned for more information on this groundbreaking event!


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